Richard S. Russell was born and raised in Eau Claire but moved to Madison after college to work for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. Now retired, he does volunteer database development for about a dozen local non-profit organizations. His volunteer work extends to being a tutor with the Literacy Network and a 32-gallon blood donor at the Red Cross. He calls himself a full-time media consumer and part-time content provider. He says he has more opinions than any 10 people should be legally allowed to have, but he's trying to fix that by giving them away as fast as possible. He's the internet coordinator for Atheists and Agnostics of Wisconsin and the parliamentarian for Atheist Alliance International. In addition to atheism, he's also enthusiastic about science fiction, ballroom dancing, politics, social justice, FileMaker Pro, the metric system, movies, Macintosh computers, Dungeons and Dragons, and the Green Bay Packers. His fondest desire in life is to be able to clone himself so he can catch up on his reading.