American Fundamentalists painting
Joel Pelletier and his painting, American Fundamentalists (Christ's Entry into Washington in 2008)

The Madison
Mural Concert
Sunday April 16
7 pm

Maggie Siegfried
Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society
2010 Whenona Drive

between Verona Rd and Seminole Highway
3 blocks south of the Beltline.

Local musician Maggie "Catfish" Siegfried will start the concert, Chamber Pop CD cover Joel will talk to us about his painting, and Joel will perform the closing set. Your donation at the door will benefit Joel's traveling painting project warning of the "dangers of loss of separation of church and state in American". Donate $10 or more and receive his CHAMBER POP CD. The 8'x14' painting will be on display. See more about the event at

Joel Pelletier