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Bioethics Forum Videos - 2013
Stephen Fry on Catholicism, from the Intelligence Squared debate in London, Nov. 9, 2009
Nate Phelps, Delivered to Satan, Secular Nation Podcast, Aug. 2, 2009
Superstition Kills (India), part 1 of 4 videos from India, 2009
Exploring a New Humanism, an interview of Greg Epstein, Humanist chaplain at Harvard, on Speaking of Faith® from American Public Media, March 27, 2008
Your Inner Fish, Neil Shubin on the Colbert Report, January 17, 2008
Darwin to DNA (Watch or Listen) - by Sean Carroll, UW-Madison Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics, at the Overture Center's Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, 227 State St., November 13, 2007
Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial - 2 hour NOVA PBS program on the Dover PA case, November 13, 2007
Christian Soldiers - Dan Rather Interviews Mikey Weinstein on HDNet, October 2, 2007
Richard Dawkins - The Enemies Of Reason - Part1 - Slaves to Superstition, Sep 9, 2007
Richard Dawkins - The Enemies of Reason (Part 2), Aug 21, 2007
The Enemies of Reason - Superstition 5 min. video clip by Richard Dawkins, Aug 15, 2007
My Humanist Video Challenge 1st place winner, Feb. 20, 2007
Hand of God (sexual abuse), PBS Frontline, Jan. 16, 2007
Kathleen Dunn interview of Chris Hedges on WPR Jan. 10, 2007
Teaching Evolution at Dover High School, Jennifer Miller at a conference at the City University of New York, April 21 or 22, 2006
Daniel Dennett: Breaking the Spell - Religion as a Natural Phenomenon at the University of Edinburgh March 14, 2006

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The Atheist Experience Show Archive
Audio Darwin: Darwin Online, University of Cambridge
Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason PBS series
Center for Naturalism AV Presentations
Ethics Matters Radio
FFreeThinker channel on YouTube
Freethought Radio & Podcast * page of FFRF site

The Humanist Hour podcast
Inquiring Minds podcast
National Center for Science Education YouTube Channel
Parenting Beyond Belief YouTube channel
Skepticality, official podcast of Skeptic magazine

15 Evolutionary Gems from Nature magazine
American Atheists
American Ethical Union
American Freethought
American Fundamentalists painting by Joel Pelletier
American Humanist Association
Americans for Religious Liberty
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Association for Humanistic Psychology
Atheist Alliance International
Atheist Republic
Atheist Revolution
Atheists and Agnostics of Wisconsin *

Atheists, Humanists & Agnostics (blog) at UW-Madison
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Atheists United - Southern California
The Bertrand Russell Society
Biblical America Resistance Front
Boulder International Humanist Institute
The Brights
British Humanist Association
Camp Quest
Canadian Freethinker magazine
Celebrants in Madison certified by the Humanist Society
Center for Humanist Activism
Center for Inquiry - On Campus
Center for Inquiry Transnational
Center for Naturalism
Charter for Compassion
Chicago Coalition of Reason
Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty, Inc. (CHILD)
Church of Scientology explained on Wikipedia
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
The Clergy Letter Project (Evolution Sunday)
Colorado Coalition of Reason
The Continuum of Humanist Education
Council for Secular Humanism
Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason
Daylight Atheism blog
Darwin exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History, New York
Darwin 200, UK
Darwin Day - International Darwin Day Foundation
Darwin Day at UW-Madison *

Darwin online - The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online - University of Cambridge
Darwin World Site
Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Intolerance and of Discrimination Based on Religion or Belief (1981 UN resolution)
Dover trial documents, Dover, Pennsylvania Intelligent Design Case
The Eloquent Atheist Webzine
Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, a Journal of the American Humanist Association
Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago Ethical Society Without Walls -->
Evangelical Right
The Evolution Institute
Evolution Matters
Evolutionary Biology at the University of Wisconsin
Ex-Muslims of North America
First Amendment Center
The First Atheist Church of True Science (FACTS)
First Freedom First
Foundation Beyond Belief
The Foundation For Ethnic Understanding
Free Inquiry magazine
Freedom From Religion Foundation *

Freethought Festival * held annually on the UW-Madison campus
Freethought Festival 2012 * audio & video links
Freethought Festival 2013 * audio & video links
FreeThought Society of Wisconsin (and their href="">Yahoo Group) *
Friendly Atheist
Greater Philadelphia Coalition of Reason, a humanist news and commentary website from the AHA
Humanist Canada
Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard
Humanist Charities
The Humanist Hour podcast
Humanist Institute
Humanist Manifesto - I (1933)
Humanist Manifesto - II (1973)
Humanist Manifesto - III (2003), Humanism and its Aspirations
Humanist Perspectives magazine from Canada
Humanist Society, see Celebrants
The Humanist Union of Madison is also on Facebook and Twitter *

Humanist Vision - official YouTube channel of the American Humanist Association (many national and international links)
Humanists of West Suburban Chicagoland Meetup group
Humanists of Wisconsin in Green Bay Meetup group *
HumanLight Celebration in the greater Madison area *

HUUmanists (Unitarian Universalist humanists)
IHEU-Appignani Center for Bioethics on YouTube
Institute for Humanist Studies
Institute for Science and Human Values
The Interfaith Alliance
International Humanist and Ethical Union
International Skeptics Forum
Internet Infidels
James Randi Educational Foundation
J.F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution - UW Madison *

John Hawks Weblog on paleoanthropology, genetics and evolution *

Kids Without God
La Crosse Area Freethought Society
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Leaving Fundamentalism
LGBT Humanist Council
Madison Area Coalition of Reason (MadCoR)
Madison Science Pub
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Madison Skeptics
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Midwest Atheist
Military Religious Freedom Foundation
My Faith My Voice grassroots effort by American Muslims
National Center for Science Education
National Day of Reason
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center
Network of Spiritual Progressives
The New Humanism, an online magazine from the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard
New Humanist magazine
New Scientist magazine
NonBelief Relief *

North Texas Church of Freethought
On Faith Washington Post/Newsweek blog (Sally Quinn and Jon Meacham)
Onion Breath (children's book)
Operation Clambake "Undressing the Church of Scientology since 1996"
The Panda's Thumb
Parentling Beyond Belief
Partners for Secular Activism
Penn & Teller
The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life
Pharyngula blog of P.Z. Myers
Philip Pullman - The Golden Compass author's web site
Point of Inquiry with D. J. Grothe
Positive Atheism
Project Reason
Raif Badawi Foundation for Freedom
Rationalist International
Rational Doubt
Rational Response Squad
Religion Dispatches
Religious Naturalism
Religious Right Watch
The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science
Sam Harris home page
Sciencedebate 2008
Science for the People - Edmonton Alberta
The Science Network
Science Pub of Madison *

Scientists and Engineers for America
Scouts for Equality Facebook
Sean B. Carroll author's Web site
The Secrets of Scientology
Secular Coalition for America
Secular Left
Secular Student Alliance
Secular Student Alliance at Ripon College on Facebook *

Secular Student Alliance @ UW Whitewater on Facebook *

Skeptic's Annotated Bible
The Skeptics' Guide To The Universe
The Skeptics Society
Society for Humanistic Judaism
Society for the Study of Evolution
Southeast Wisconsin FreeThinkers *

Sunday Assembly Madison
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State of Belief radio program
TalkOrigins Archive: Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy
Talk to Action
Teaching About Religion
Theocracy Watch
The Thomas Paine Society
Thought For The World from the Humanist Society of Scotland
Tory / Magoo and Scientology
Tree of Life Web Project
Understanding Evolution
United Coalition of Reason
The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic
Vision for Europe
What's The Harm?
Who is Xenu? - secret level OT III Scientology story
Wisconsin Freethinkers Network on Facebook *

Wisdom Commons
Xenu TV
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