The Thought and Writing of Sam Harris

Entry at Philosopedia for Sam Harris.

Praise for Letter to A Christian Nation on the author's Web site,

Atheist Evangelist, an article about Harris by David Segal in the October 26, 2006 Washington Post.

Bad reasons to be good by Sam Harris in the Oct. 22, 2006 Boston Globe.

For an unsympathetic review of Letter to a Christian Nation, etc., see,0,2342221.story. It includes the quote:
"I'm different than many atheists in the sense that mystical experience and spiritual experience are features of human life that I think are incredibly important and interesting and worth paying attention to," he said during his Santa Monica chat....

A review of Letter to a Christian Nation which cites the role of UU's:

For a recent podcast, visit, click on Listen Now at the top of the right column, and select Sam Harris - Letter to a Christian Nation for Oct. 6, 2006 interview. Drag the slider that shows podcast progress to the 5:00 min. mark to skip over introductory stuff.

Summary & discussion of The View from the End of the World, a December 9, 2005 talk by Sam Harris at the Conference Center Golden Gate Room, San Francisco. You can listen to the entire talk and the concluding questions and answers (1 hr. 22 min.) as an mp3 file.

An Atheist Manifesto by Sam Harris on Truthdig, Dec. 7, 2005.

Rational Mysticism by Sam Harris, Free Inquiry, Oct./Nov. 2005.

Links to a number of radio interviews are provided on the Interviews and Appearances: Radio page of Sam Harris' Web site.