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Humanist Union of Madison
2006 Whenona Dr
Madison WI 53711

Our group began in the fall of 2004, and email from our first year gives some background. We meet monthly to discussion a topic of interest to humanists. (Summer events may be less regular and more social). Though many of our participants are affiliated with one of the Unitarian Universalist congregations in the greater Madison area, we are open to all humanists regardless of such affiliation or lack thereof. We are affiliated with the American Humanist Association. Our past events are listed here.

If you are wondering what a humanist believes, a good one page summary of modern humanism is available at HUMANISM AND ITS ASPIRATIONS, a 2003 document also known as Humanist Manifesto III which is available on the American Humanist Association Web site. We discussed it at our January 2005 meeting and found ourselves in agreement with it.

We are an independently operated affiliate of our host congregation, Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society.