Hello Science Fans,

Some of you may have heard of the popular and entertaining book Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice to All Creation. Dr. Olivia Judson, a UK evolutionary biologist, created her highly entertaining and amazingly well-informed alter-ego, Dr. Tatiana, to give advice about their sex lives to organisms from stick insects to elephants. And in the process educating her readers about all the different ( and strange, scary and hilarious) ways life forms reproduce.

The book was such a hit the BBC made a television program based on it, staring Dr. Tatiana herself and many of the animals who are her patients. The show combines an Oprah-like studio set, music and songs, and interviews and field work by real biologists.

It's highly informative, entertaining, and we should divulge, a bit shocking to the more sensitive viewers. In fact, I've heard that PBS declined the chance to broadcast the show, perhaps feeling American audiences weren't quite ready for Dr. Tatiana.

Well, I think Science Pub attendees are ready for it, and we'll be doing a sneak preview this Sunday, March 6th at the Avenue Bar, located at 1128 E Washington Avenue, just a few blocks east of the capitol square. We'll meet for a bite in the dining area next to the bar at about 8:30 PM and then pop in the DVD about 9:00 to 9:15 when the crowd starts clearing out.

The preview is to scope out locations and get feedback for a possible Science Pub public showing at a future and yet to be determined location. I'd truly appreciate some feedback on what you think of the show and any ideas you might have regarding a public showing.

So come on out to the Avenue this Sunday to check it out, and see if maybe Dr. Tatiana doesn't divulge some little tidbits of advice that might help you as well as an Idaho Ground Squirrel. Who knows?

For more about Dr. Olivia Judson and some excerpts form the book visit


From some of the reviews:
"Eye-popping, filthy and funny..." (Literary Review)
"Sometimes she goes too far." (The Daily Telegraph)
"Words Fail Me." (The Economist)

See ya at the show!


PS. If you think you may attend an RSVP to skip@penguinsites.com would be nice so we can get a head count.